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The Estate Sale Process

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The Estate Sale Process

The following information is an explanation of the estate sale process, any questions please feel free to contact me either by phone or via e-mail;


To begin I will meet with you, your attorney, or Realtor to do a walk through of the whole house to just get an idea of size and the amount of contents in the home. There is no charge for All commission rates are based on house size, amount of contents, and other labor factors. There are no out of pocket expenses for things like trash removal before and or after the sale (if a dumpster is needed). These expenses will be subtracted at the end from gross sale proceeds. All costs for staffing the sale, cleaning and organizing the contents, advertising and promoting, and pricing and research evaluations on the items are free. After the first brief inspection of the property, we will then negotiate the contract and commission rates (typically are 30-40%) of gross sales. After the contract is signed we will then go ahead and set the sale date usually 10-14 days after the contract is signed, this will allow us to clean, organize, and price items to prepare them for the sale. All sales are held the weekends, and sometimes for two days if there are a large amount of contents.

For the sale we will sell goods from the entire estate, including basement, garage, attic, sheds, units, and multi story properties, if those areas are easily accessible, if not we can also arrange to have to items moved to more convenient locations. It is our goal to create the most boutique like setting for your sale, in order to promote better sales and higher profits.


Within 7 days after the contract is signed we will ask you, your attorney, or Realtor for the key to the home, which will allow us to go in and get all of your items priced and organized in a quick and efficient way. We will advertise for the sale at least three days from the sale, both on our website and in all local newspapers, on craigslist, etc. We do bring in our own tables to display valuable items and chairs for our workers to sit on.


We are typically staffed by 3-5 workers for each sale.  I have also built up a list of dealers and buyers interested in particular items, that will be contacted to let them know of the date and times of the sale. During a regular one day the sale is usually held from 9 am until 4 pm, with half price sales on items beginning at 1 pm. On two day sales the times are 9am until 3pm with half price and discounting being on the following day usually the second day sale is from 12pm until 3 pm. No discounts will be given to dealers, friends, etc prior to these times.


After the sale; you, your attorney, your family, etc will have the option for me to remove the remaining items for little or no extra cost(if you select this when signing contract, and all items sell, then no costs will be added on). Of the remaining contents, I usually donate them to various charities to help the less fortunate and will drop them off at those locations(depending on size and amount of leftover pieces). Our goal is to make the post sale inside of home as perfect as when I arrived, so I usually run the vacuum to clean down all surfaces and walkways, in order to bring your home back to normal. I do accept cash and checks from all buyers so please allow up to 2 weeks after the first business day post sale to allow all checks to get cleared in the bank. You or your attorney should receive the net sale money within 2-3 weeks after the sale or up to 30 days following the first business day post sale.


What we Specialize in selling: We are a complete estate liquidation business, and being so we will sell any and all house contents and personal possessions. We have sold anything from Diamonds to Dishwashers and guarantee all items for sale are price accordingly.  From the typical estate we have sold all clothing (including shoes and accessories), jewelry including (fine and costume), linens, furniture, automobiles, appliances, antiques, collectibles, gardening supplies, tools, and much more. WV Estates is also an FFL or Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer and we are able to assist in the sale of Firearms, Ammunitions and Firearm Accessories. Anything in your home, office, commercial business, etc we are dedicated to helping you sell.   


Please note: Our goal is to create the most professional atmosphere possible. We have found that when it comes to selling your items, it is the display that helps make the sale. In addition to that, we realize that house contents are cherished possessions that were acquired over a life time of hard work. We take the time, to make sure all of your items are priced accurately and arranged beautifully to create the best selling atmosphere that is possible. 


Below is an example of What your sale will look like right before the Sale after WV Estates has priced & organized the contents:


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